About CDL College

Friendly Staff(top) and our Training room(bottom)
Friendly Staff(top) and our Training room(bottom)


Our goals are to provide entry‐level truck driver training courses and certification. We also teach driver finishing programs; with the goal of advancing truck driver training, proficiency, safety and professionalism of already qualified commercial drivers.


We at CDL College take great pride in the employees we choose to represent our company. Everyone has been trained to use our methods of instruction. The training includes the correct methods of working with adult learners, on the job safety procedures, and how to interact with the trainee in a professional manner. Safety training includes the safety of our workers and the safety of the trainees. They all know the high standards we expect, and perform their task as well as it can be done. Our instructors are licensed by both the Colorado Division of Private Occupational School Board and Professional Truck Driver Institute (PTDI).


CDL College was formed in 2001 by Eric Haney. Eric has 23 years experience with the
motor freight industry. He saw a need beyond the traditional truck driving school. “People need
life skills beyond the operation of the truck. They need to learn how to find work in their new
field. Which type of work is most suited to themselves and their family.” We go to great
lengths to steer our customers in the right direction. CDL College is not a one size fits all


CDL College is the only Truck Driving School in Colorado licensed by PTDI. PTDI is the first
nonprofit organization to develop uniform skill performance, curriculum, and certification
standards for the trucking industry and to award course certification to entry‐level truck driver
training courses and motor carrier driver‐finishing programs. PTDI works with carriers and
schools throughout the certification process to obtain national recognition that their programs
meet these standards.


We currently train and recruit for many companies. We place our students with several of the
largest carriers in the country including; Werner Enterprises, Swift Transportation, US Express,
Trans AM, Watkins, and Shepard. We have done corporate training for many companies
including; Lockheed Martin, Fed Ex National, and Yellow Transportation.


We create our own curriculum based on the standards of the Department of
Transportation’s Model Curriculum. CDL College uses a mix of classroom, computer based
training, simulator and behind‐the‐wheel time. We produce our own computer based training
courses in house. Our curriculum has been critiqued and approved by the Colorado Division of
Private Occupational School Board and PTDI. CDL College has the premier Longer Combination
Vehicle training curriculum in the country, most of the largest carriers use our course to train
their drivers in the operation of Triples and Rocky Mountain Doubles. North Central Kansas
Technical College in Beloit, KS has recently adopted our computer based training program to help
facilitate their truck driver training. People across the country take our computer based course
“Preparation for the CDL Written Exams” online.


CDL College has been a State of Colorado Third Party CDL Testing Organization
since 2001. We administer the CDL Skills Test upon completion of a course and issue a
certificate to each trainee. The trainee will turn the certificate into motor vehicle and be issued
a CDL license.